Hey, I’m Kimberly! I've had a relationship with writing since my early years. Naturally, I've always enjoyed sharing life experiences and stories through writing. Living in Seattle, Washington, the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the past twenty years, my friends and my job at the time inspired me to share my life's journey creatively. 

Currently, I'm living in Las Vegas, Nevada. The city of sin, apparently. What am I doing? I'm living life as usual. No, but seriously I'm a marketing specialist, freelance writer, avocado eater, lifestyle curator, coffee drinker, product stylist and photographer, health, and fitness lover. I've also got a pretty sarcastic personality if you couldn't tell already, some might even say I’m #HonestlySarcastic. Want to see some of my work? You can view my portfolio here

This past couple of years, I've become more in tune with my body and have been exploring new healthy ways to live the best life possible. I've become very passionate about anxiety and depression awareness, health, and fitness importance, cruelty-free foods and products, medicating healthy with cannabis, and women empowerment. With that said, I'm pleased to not only share with you food, style, travel, wellness, but to encourage happiness and self-love through life experiences on my blog. I believe life is about balance, and my focus is in the direction of living of life invested in a healthy lifestyle. I hope to be a resource for you in adding a splash of inspiration and empowerment to live a happy and healthy life. Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit. ❤